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In collaboration with Andreas Kloppmann, these wonderful pickups as standard on all our “Master” models.



Vegas Thinline ≈

Personal interpretation of a famous semihollow model. Shape and general parameters are the same, but internally our guitar is completely different. A long and large tenon reaches the bridge area, inserted in a mahogany longitudinal structure, uninterrupted to tailblock. Solid, naturally seasoned tonewoods, instead plywood, for lightweight, great sustain and harmonics richness. Available mahogany or maple for the body, spruce or curly maple for top. Many options for personal preferences of customers.

>Standard model  |  >Master model


Alfa Seth

A 16” hollow body jazz guitar. A  “X”  bracing configuration and the use of aged , selected  spruce,  produce  a huge acoustic and natural reverbs. We reinforce  this tendency with particular attention in thicknesses  graduation and a meticulous  ”tap-tuning” work. The natural choice  is a floating pick up;  In master version, we mount a Kent Amstrong “jhonny Smith” model, individually handwound in  Kent’s Vermont workshop, and should not be confused with the mass-products sold elsewhere under the Amstrong name.

>Standard model  |  >Master model

 lilith_standard lilith_master


Semiacoustic guitar 16” body size,  for all playing styles. The edge thickness a little more robust make this model the ideal choice for intensive “live” contexts;  controls on body and  less “Larsen” problems. We have designed for Lilith the “Long Pivot” bracing, a  very light, longitudinal  spruce structure, from neckblock to tailblock, as a functional lintel. This feature  produce a little less mellow, but louder sound,  present  midrages  and bright  highs.In plugin’ playing, too bass response is almost undesirable..  In one or double pick ups version, this model is the our  more versatile and “friendly” guitar.

>Standard model  |  >Master model

 onuris_standard onuris_master

Alfa Onuris

Classic, 17” hollow body, jazz arch top. Traditional assembling work and very aged Alpine spruce  and European maple. Esplicit citation of unforgettable “magicians” of lutherie as D’Acquisto and Bob Benedetto. The project is, for larger body sizes, the Alfa Seth  major sister, and of Alfa Seth maintain and enhances the warm, rich tone, which is so unique to an arch top guitar of solid, handcarved tonewoods. The Master version, In addition to aesthetic details, enjoys a special care in the choice of woods. We  recommend this model to a “not only” jazz  playing; many fingerstyle artists familiar, by now, the warmness and tonal richness of an well tuned arched body.

>Standard model  |  >Master model



Extremely versatile 16″ semiacoustic guitar; the low sides and a longitudinal light structure, with a long tenon, make this guitar suitable for all playing styles. Elegant custom markets and ergonomic neck-body joint.

>Master model