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Our guitars  born in order to be played… nothing more obvious! But  these words have a powerful meaning today, where a guitar is chosen and purchased, often,  only for exchange, or  for collection, as a relic in a glass case. We often find ourselves in repairing some of our old guitars almost destroyed… and nothing makes us happier…

Thinking constantly a musical instrument as a functional object, directs all of our research in a specific direction, which brings us to the final user as the “real” designer, who, by their  needs as a musician, trace the outline of the project. Our task is to translate these requirements into a building process.


Acoustic Liuteria born from the union of different experiences in the guitarmaking and restoring; Fulvio Cappelli  an Saverio Sacco are the older professionists of the team.

Fulvio, before young  player, after  builder, has always an interest almost maniacal in guitar-planet. Classical guitars apprenticeship in Valentia (Spain) and, for little time, in Arezzo (Italy); early 90’ he began his own research on semiacoustic and jazz arch top  that continues also today.

Saverio, goldsmith, woodcarver and “inlay-man”, guitarbuilding lover and for many years enjoyed customizer, is the owner of the company, together his wife Paola Mascagni ,administrative manager, designer and…irreplaceable “trends”  councilor.

Andrea Sacco, the younger, with his passionate dedication ensures the intergenerational transfer of the professional assets of the laboratory.