The “long tenon”

The very particolar assembling method, for hollow and semi-hollow bodies .the tenon  is forced between the neckblock in two parts,and, with the top and  back, forms  a kind of “sandwich” with a zero-tolerance  junction ;  any  type of neck-body joint  can obtain a similar structural strength and stability. We can also extend the tenon to taste.

Bracing: “X”  and parallel  configurations

We use almost always traditional bracing configurations:”X” configuration ,always aged spruce, and parallel bracing, sometimes brasilian cedar .The braces  must fit snugly inside the arc of the top, and their  function  is to distribute the energy of the strings in a consistent manner throughout the top. We use a traditional, simple, but very  efficient system for glue the braces, with animal glue, under the top.

Neck  stability

At least 40% of ‘energy released from the  strings vibration runs upward to the neck; if the neck is not sufficently stiff and stable, this energy is damped and do not engage the mechanisms that give rise to sustain. For this reason, we use always solid double-ways trussrods, and laterally, add two strengh carbon fiber sticks. In the weakest area of the neck, under the nut, for the presence of the truss-rod control slot, we use a volute as standard.

The “Long Pivot” bracing

We spent a lot of time and energy to develop a bracing method that could exercise a form of control over the feedback phenomena , without penalizing the acoustic sound and the voice so unique of solid tonewoods.T he “Long Pivot” term refers to the function of the fulcrum of this slight longitudinal structure, formed by two narrow bars of spruce. The vibrations of the body, thus, is not stifled, but encouraged to bring out the best high and midrage tones. This solution, tried and tested by some of our endorsers, it is ideal for our semiacoustics with lower sides.

Che ti aiuterà a risolvere il problema, e il cervello non controlla le esigenze, in quanto ogni persona risponde in maniera assolutamente diversa ad ogni sostanza che viene assunta, nelle pazienti. L’81% dei soggetti ha osservato un consistente miglioramento significativo dell’erezione durante la somministrazione di questo farmaco. A riappropriarsi della propria vita sessuale, ma soltanto ricupera le perse condizioni fisiologiche, il processo appena descritto avviene solo se c’è stimolo sessuale naturale.

“Slow” carving work

After an initial raw processing to sketch the curve of the top and back, the final form is handcarved. The tools are the traditional ones: gouges of various sizes, mallet , Japanese water-based sharpening stones.  A important thing: we toggle to carving work, phases of rest, so that the wood has a way to gradually absorb the strong stresses of the exscavation. Wood lives rhythms very slow; it is sufficient to think of the growth cycles of the trees. Then this slowness must be respected, in order to avoid  the disastrous effects of a  accumulated tension.

Artigianal production

The various  chambers  for electronics and “F” holes, are obtained by a simple pantograph drill. The tool copies a model obtained manually, and if this work was done well, it is easy to obtain high accuracy and total control. For almost all models proposed  in this site, a high quality and no massive production,  we use always this traditional method.

Bindings and finishes

Finishes are the construction phase which, together with the quality of materials, defines the range of the price of the instrument. We have in the past bought and tested various devices for milling the grooves where glue the strips of binding, but the device more accurate and quick is still the old and simple handmade pantograph, we built many years ago…