In the technical schedules of models, there are the standard sets and parameters that Acoustic Liuteria offers to our Customers. Naturally, many  other options are available, and we always keep ready semi-rough elements, for satisfy your every preference, with very fast delivery times (25, 30 days).

Acoustic Liuteria accept and becomes fully available in personalization, customization, and features suggested by the customer, not included in this section.


Our  instruments are all  featured with top quality, never less than six years of naturally seasoned woods.But particularly figured maple, Curly and quilted “burl” maple, exotic woods and other beautiful sets are available for top or set back/sides of any archtop and semiacoustic proposed model.


“Premium” top  Option: the customer has the option to choose directly from a photo list online, the top or back/sides set, with which will be built his own guitar.


Mahogany necks, two book marched pieces, is our standard, for its stability and beautiful look.

Maple neck option: Hard European maple or “Sugar” (USA) maple necks are available, in one-piece, two-pieces, three-pieces with rosewood separation lines form.

Wood Binding option: Wood bindings with beautiful esotic essences are available. Rosewood, Cocobolo, Curly Maple, Curly Koa. All with elegant separation lines.

Pick ups


For jazz archtop guitars, are available:

  • CC pick up option: a very high quality “Charlie Christian” famous  pick up reproduction, by a little UK factory. The bobbins have been “scatter” wound by hand in the traditional way, with the same gauge wire and the exact output reading as the original; of course, fitted with the same rare steel magnet, for obtain the famous sound.
  • Armstrong custom option: design your sound! for jazz guitars, Acoustic Liuteria offer all Kent Armstrong Handwound Pick ups standard models, or the unique opportunity to design your own individual sound.It  is sufficent to put the desidered sound into words ( for example, a silky smooth tone of Wes Montgomery, with just a bit of more attack…) and it’s possible  to change, during building process, the parameters and materials of pick up for obtain the sound you’ve always dreamed of having.  You can communicate the your own specs at our dealer, or contact us directly.

Available customizations of: floating minihumbucking, on-body mounted minihumbucking, full-size humbucking (PAF), single coil “tap” (two output controlled through a miniswitch).



For semiacoustic guitars, are available:

  • Lollar option: All models, as standard on many our guitar models
  • Kloppmann option: all wonderfull standard models of this extraordinarily ingenious pickups maker.We have a precious collaboration with him.
  • Joe barden option: all standard models. The “Two-tone” humbucking model, has the characteristic of a perfect single coil sound, in “splitted” function, without tone loss.
  • Lindy Fralin option: all standard models.finaz1
  • TV Jones option: the look of ’50 Gretsch Filterton rockabilly pickups.  Classic models, for vintage and clean “twang” sound; Power’Tron models, for more output and a darker, hotter sound.


A very special, well-tested pickups configuration:

  • “Finaz” pickup option: a special solution, very well-tested in studio and in live tours contests, by Alessandro Finazzo, BandaBardò italian guitar player, and our endorser; Kent Armstrong at neck, and Joe Barden at bridge, with particular wiring and tune-o-matic bridge; advised in semiacoustic models, for all playing styles,great reliability, and a loud, beautiful sound.
Tuners and hardware


Acoustic Liuteria offers Waverly Tuners, as option for a very high quality tuning operation.

Waverly machined steel worm gears and bronze alloy string post gears, are more durable than the common brass gear, in almost others.

  • waverly4Waverly option: in ebony oval knobs, ivoroid “butterbean”knobs, or the wonderful engraved brass knob.
  • Imperial tuners option: art deco Gold traditional tuners.
  • Bigsby option: all models, original USA, advised for semiacoustic models low depth body.
  • Resomax bridge option: high quality lightweight alloy bridge/tailpiece, with metal or graph tech saddles, for full balance tone.
Acoustic liuteria handmade features

Holes covers options: we turn always a lot of attention to Larsen effect problems, and in “Details” section we show many structural soluctions, now tested very well, which we apply to our projects. For extreme “live” situations, we offer an elegant feature, which is mounted with simple and promptly reversible modality, based on small magnets.


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Custom Position markets option: in addition to all traditional M.O.P markets inlays, are available two Acoustic Liuteria custom markets of our design.



Slide ebony option: elegant, ingenious ebony tailpiece, with Art Decò design. The “De luxe” feature is available with a double ebony bridge, for compensation.


Finish colors

The following trasparent colors are available: